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You've reached the home page for Francis O'Brien, a 3D artist working in the industry since 1996.

Almost finished work on my own video game - FingerBug. What type of game? Dunno,
but if I had to classify it, I'd liken it to a quirky arcade cabinet from the summer of 76.
We've tried hard to make the game easy to pick and hard to put down. It has a lovely
touch screen control mechanism for the main protagonist. Not some 'orrible frustrating,
tacked on, unresponsive controller. It's free and available soon on Google Play and the 
Apple App Store. You can find out more, here http://fingerbug.com/

Real time Sten Gun MKII (lots and lots of circles and cylinders)

Maya modelling and Cycles render

Freestyle test rendering

Compositing Showreel 2012. You can view it on Vimeo or download it here.

Escape Showreel 2011. You can view it on Vimeo or download it here.

To view some of the movies you might need to use VLC or the Klite codec pack.

You can download a text version of my C.V. in .doc format here.

Contact  email  francis.obrien@gmail.com