Studer A810 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

War Machine

A tank robot hybrid with a sonic weapon inspired by the Cold War.
You can view a Maya Viewport 2 animation on Vimeo or download it here.

Realtime Dalek

Cheeky bit of fun for an internal Sony test. Turntable movie can be downloaded here
Dalek_turntable_small.avi (7.1mb)

Realtime Mousetrap Simulation

Erwin Coumans introduced me to Blender, when he started to replace the old
realtime system (Sumo) with the new and improved Bullet. I wanted a project
to illustrate the features. This realtime Mousetrap simulation is the result.

As Erwin coded new features I would implement them in my scene.

New Unity Version (tested on Unity 5.52f1 Win 10) (2.3 meg)

You can download the original Blender version from here
mouseTrap_101_test.blend (1 meg)
Requires Blender 2.45. Get it here http://www.blender.org/

Left and right cursors to rotate the scene and press play to start the simulation.

Wireframe Examples

From PlayStation Two to PlayStation Three to 'Set Controls to the Centre of the Sun'

Test model from PlayStation 2 Getaway Online which became Hub which morphed into PlayStation Home. Polygons were originally a control cage for Maya's subdivision surfaces. Game engine automatically tessellated the car into polygons at run time. A tiny 128 by 128 pixel texture was smeared over the whole car.

PlayStation 3 taxi from infamous Piccadilly Circus demo.

Maya hierarchical subdivision surface Etype.

Mudox Seahorse